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Sontelak choked to death and

Upon first entering WW we heard that Sontelak was up. For a bit we were worried that maybe we wouldn't be abile to drop him, but Fenenyx had a plan! Upon engaging him she got hung up in his little throat choking him to death. We found some spells, a 12/20 hammer and a ST key for Hacker (along with Fen's body =( )!

Click here to see!

After choking Sont to death we figured we would try to sploit Dozer! Sure enough we stuck him in a door and he killed himself leaving us a body of tears. Congrats Aerra, Darial, and Hacker on tears!

- Karthunk Trainstomper - Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 10:35 PM

April 2015
Welcome All Everquest Players - Danille
TDS - Danille

February 2015
Welcome All Everquest Players! - Danille

January 2015
Vicarum Nomia is down - Danille

December 2014
Arx #2 down - Danille

October 2014
Sol Invictus - ARX#1 Is Beaten - Danille
Sol Invictus - Call of the Forsaken - Plane of War - Complete - Danille

September 2014
Sol Invictus - Call of the Forsaken - Happy Dragon cheering we helped her home! - Danille

July 2014
- Danille
Sol Invictus Crumbles the Tower of Rot! - Danille

May 2014
Sol Invictus welcomes Call of the Forsaken - Danille

March 2014
Sol Invictus welcomes Call of the Forsaken <Hate Rising> - Danille

January 2014
Sol Invictus welcomes Call of the Forsaken <Hate Rising> - Danille

November 2013
Sol Invictus Welcomes........ - Danille

October 2013
Another guild first! - Danille
All T1 CoTF raids down in one night! - Danille
T1 CoTF Beaten! - Danille

September 2013
Welcome all Everquest Players! - Danille

July 2013
Sol Invictus Beats Rain of Fear Expansion! - Danille
Heart Of Fear T4 #2 Down! - Danille
Glimpse of Death! :) - Danille

June 2013
Shadow of Fear Completed - waiting on Heart of Fear - Danille

April 2013
Welcome all Everquest Players - Danille
Welcome all Everquest Players! - Danille
Last round at old cranky dragons! - Danille
Welcome all Everquest Players! - Danille

March 2013
Chapterhouse win! - Danille

February 2013
A Feast for Zalikor! - Danille

January 2013
Grelleth, Her Majesty the Queen - Danille
Barbie isn't the only diva! (RoF wins galore across T1 and T2) - Danille
Zeixshi-Kar's Shard - Danille
Danela's Stand - Danille
King Tormax - Danille
Shard's Landing! - Danille

December 2012
Welcome RoF and NTOV Reborn - Danille

November 2012
Welcome all Everquest Players - Danille
Pillars! - Danille

September 2012
Welcome All EverQuest Players! - Danille
Finished all T4 Flags - Danille

July 2012
Welcome All EverQuest Players! - Danille

June 2012
Rubak has Drowned! - Danille
Veil of Alaris T1, 2, 3 Fun - Danille

March 2012
Welcome all Everquest Players! - Danille

February 2012
Welcome all Everquest Players! - Danille
In Loving Memory of Saiyian! - Danille

January 2012
Circling back around to HoT-SS 1-4 - Danille
Miragul and Henchmen Get Wasted - Danille
Two Guild Firsts in One Week! - Danille

December 2011
Illdaera's Vengeance! VoA Tier 1 is gone! - Danille

October 2011
Welcome all Everquest Players! - Danille

September 2011
Tearing up HoT - Danille

July 2011
Welcome to HoT T3 - Two Guild Firsts in One Night! - Danille

May 2011
Welcome all Everquest Players! - Danille

February 2011
Farming HoT and UF - Danille

January 2011
A Cumming Plan is jinxed! - Danille

December 2010
Fungal Forest - Down - Danille

November 2010
HoT raid #2 - Danille
Welcome all Everquest Players - Danille

October 2010
Bugs are dead! - Danille
Bye Bye Brath - Danille
Tearing Up Underfoot! - Danille

July 2010
Brath Down -Guardians of the Hive Here We Come! - Danille

June 2010
Tearing up underfoot! - Danille
Masked Invaders - Pummeled! - The Wrath of Brath on Deck! - Danille

May 2010
Fippy/Beast/Unburrowing.1.2.3.. ALL DEAD ~ Masked Invaders on deck! - Danille

March 2010
Fippy Bites the Big One Yet Again and Yet Again!! (officially on farm) - Danille
In Loving Memory - Danille

February 2010
Underfoot Here We Come! - Danille

December 2009
Underfoot here we come! - Danille
Zeks/Eriak/Rallos/Fall of Tosk thought we had forgotten them - Danille
Last days of SoD - Danille

October 2009
Underfoot here we come! - Danille
Field of Scale: Event #3 Final Confrontation - Danille
Event #7 Edge of Destruction - figured we would give it a try. - Danille
Event #6 Overlord Muram - Completed! - Danille

September 2009
Discord Tower Event #5: Sacrifice & Mini's 5.5 meet their well deserved fate! - Danille
Stasis and Scrying farming 9/15/09 - Danille
A Council Divided/Kurns, (fall quite easily to Sol Invictus!) - Danille

August 2009
We welcome skilled players to share in our adventures and triumphs on Tribunal! - Danille
Scrying! DOWN! - Danille
Discord Tower Events #1,2,3 & 4 - Danille
Stasis ~ Sleeps with the Fishes! - Danille
Trophy Room ~ Event #2 down! - Danille

July 2009
Trophy Room! Event #2 Almost got to Curator on First Attempt! - Danille
We are Mindblight's Headache SOD Tower event #1 on Farm Status! - Danille

June 2009
Time for The Mindblight (SOD Tower #1) and Zek Brothers fun! - Danille
Sol Invictus finishes Korafax theme raids, On to Discord Tower! - Danille

May 2009
Venom Lord Ksathrax - Defanged! - Danille

March 2009
Vyskudra and Brood Mother Down 3-29! - Danille

February 2009
"Zeixshi" ~~~~~~~Tastes like chicken! - Danille
Kildrukaun the Ancient Prophet ~ BLINDSIDED! - Danille

January 2009
Crystallos Earth Wing - Keeper of Stones - Danille
Crystallos Fire Wing = Good Idea - Bad Idea - Danille
Queen Malarian dies to SI RAID! - Danille

December 2008
Sol Invictus Raid Progress! SoD & SoF - Danille
Rottrued The Twisted! - Danille
Melgrath is really a pussy! - First attempt D.E.A.D. - via SI Steamslayers - Danille
Tactical Prototype XXVII -Goes back to R&D for repairs! Another guild first! - Danille

November 2008
'Doctor` Brinda lost her Sprockets - Danille

October 2008
Krond the Longhorn sleeps well after all! - Danille
Double quarter pounder - Aaeanas
Breakneck falls to Sol Invictus - Worst event EVA - Danille
Got milk? - Aaeanas

September 2008
Raid fun in SoF ~ Meldrath's Majestical Mansion & BMK! - Danille

July 2008
Another Secrets of Faydwer raid mob "planted" about six feet underground! - Danille

June 2008
Sol Invictus update...... - Danille
Crazok Moonffang is howling in pain! - Danille
Entry to MMM Progression Raids Officially on "Farm Status" - Danille
Ding Dongs Bynn Gone! --------S.I. gains access to MMM!!! - Danille
Overseer Gakkor Deepscar charged, heaved and threw bolders at us! - Danille
The Boneshard Brothers and Wolfpaw meet their doom! - Danille

May 2008
Octa is history and Dr. Loveless is still missing! - Danille
Steamfactory raid mobs are history - Danille
Mining Behemoth dies May 6th o - admin
Event #5 Portal to Dreadspire - Danille
SoF - Look out! - Danille
SI marches into Secrets of Fa - Aaeanas
Solteris event #3 goes "Bye By - Danille

April 2008
We're back! - Danille

March 2008
Fabled Season! - Danille

January 2008
Wish you were here! - Furgh
2008 is off to a great start - Danille

December 2007
Merry Christmas From Sol Invic - Aaeanas

November 2007
A few raids later and.... Stit - Bahemoth

October 2007
A Busy Few Weeks! Sothgar Goes - Charsi

July 2007
Dead Gnome and Goru = Welcome - Charsi

April 2007
One Door Closes, Another Door - admin

January 2007
ChooChoo... - Oriaas

December 2006
Oops - Did We Spawn That? - Oriaas

October 2006
Ahem - Oriaas

August 2006
Welcome To Deathnkell - Oriaas

July 2006
There's good in everything... - Oriaas
Not Long Now - Oriaas

June 2006
One To Go... - Oriaas

May 2006
Almost Forgot... - Oriaas

April 2006
Suchun dead... - Oriaas
Daosheen dead... - Oriaas

March 2006
Minor Update... - Oriaas
Rolling Right Along........... - Oriaas
Rolling Right Along........... - Oriaas

January 2006
Zi-Thuuli Dead... - Oriaas
Saturday, Bloody Saturday - Oriaas
New Year - New Attitude - New - Oriaas

December 2005
Queen is Dead - Welcome to Dem - Oriaas
Happy Holidays from Sol Invict - Oriaas

November 2005
Best Battle Spam Ever... - Oriaas
Calamari Anyone? - Fatalclaw

October 2005
Welcome To Plane of Blood (alm - Oriaas
Word of the day... - Oriaas

August 2005
Overlord Mata Muram, Bites the - Filan Fyretracker

July 2005
Tunat go Splat - Filan Fyretracker
My head hurts! - Fatalclaw

April 2005
Sing Loud, Sing Proud - Kalaz
Kitty Firsts! - Gatts
Arch Magus Vangl? More like A - Kalaz

March 2005
What's this? Victory in our Ea - admin
Where few guilds have gone bef - admin
Congratulations Tribunal! Sol - admin

February 2005
13+4=what? - Fatalclaw
Cleric Epic 2.0 - Fatalclaw
Shooting at the walls of heart - Kalaz
Revamp the pics! - Fatalclaw

January 2005
The Anguish of server dominati - admin
Warden Hanvar down! - Rynnia

December 2004
Anguish fun! - Laspeera

November 2004
Too Legit... Too Legit to Quit - admin
Anguish!! - Sarelorn

October 2004
Whats SI been doing? - Hitpoint
Another Epic server first :) T - Gintora Jellicle
Grats SI on two more Epics thi - Filan Fyretracker

September 2004
Prachlyn Bags First Wiz Epic 1 - Bzikn Mckikn

August 2004
How to slim out a zone: Angus - admin
Inktu`ta Trashed, Video at Ele - Filan Fyretracker
It's no high dive but it'll ha - admin
Do not attempt to resist. We a - admin

July 2004
Kelekdrix Dead... and all we g - admin
Buh-bye Cynosure, Hello Serve - admin

June 2004
Vrex Barxt Qurat has been defe - admin

May 2004
We're off to see the wizard! - Bzikn Mckikn
Server first! - Laspeera
Recruitment closed for some cl - Rynnia
Recruitment is open for all cl - Rynnia

April 2004
SI @ Vegas baby YEA! - Gintora Jellicle
Maybe I made Hopkins Run... - Laspeera
What happens when a Halfling g - Laspeera

March 2004
Some Old, Some New... - Laspeera

January 2004
Time gods try their best... - Prachlyn
What can one guild do in 5 hou - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
What's up with Sol Invictus? - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

November 2003
Quarm Down! Great Work Everyo - Rynnia
No anmals were hurt in the mak - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Phase 5 gods are much like.... - Vynadie
/bye Vallon, /wave 5, /bye Ca - Prachlyn

October 2003
Awwww, how cute. Tallon Zek i - Tarklot

September 2003
Time for another game! - Bzikn Mckikn
Move along, nothing to see her - Bzikn Mckikn
A great time was had by all. - Lierelle
You have one additional hour.. - Rynnia

August 2003
Rathe dead! - Zierain
Back up in yo ass with the res - Rynnia
So what else is new? - Bzikn Mckikn

July 2003
Wow... - Rynnia
Coirnav swimming with the fish - Bzikn Mckikn
I Hate Seafood - Zierain

June 2003
Engrish 101 - Bzikn Mckikn
I don't believe in Fairies.... - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

May 2003
Fennin Ded. Server Still Up!! - Zierain
Not to bump old Fennin down a - Rynnia
I saw Fennin Ro die and all I - Bzikn Mckikn

April 2003
We'll take what's behind door - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Here and there - Bzikn Mckikn
Sometimes it just seems too ea - Bzikn Mckikn
What have we been doing? - Karthunk Trainstomper

March 2003
The one that got away - Karthunk Trainstomper
It's getting hot in herrr! - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Was it a fluke win!? - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

February 2003
The warlord stirs... then prom - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
The orc won... - Rynnia
Soon - Karthunk Trainstomper
The missing pictures... - Karthunk Trainstomper
I'd do an update with pics... - Rynnia

January 2003
When pigs fly - Karthunk Trainstomper
Mithaniel Marr Dead! (on the f - Karthunk Trainstomper
Lord Seru falls over dead from - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Rydda`Dar also dead... - Karthunk Trainstomper
Bertoxullious dead to 66 SI! - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Rydda`Dar and Agnarr (first tr - Karthunk Trainstomper
Bertoxxulous down to Companion - Karthunk Trainstomper
Saryrn Dead - Karthunk Trainstomper
We should just call CoD and Ho - Karthunk Trainstomper

December 2002
Still working on this damn Ber - Karthunk Trainstomper
Vallon down =) - Karthunk Trainstomper
Bertoxxulous - Karthunk Trainstomper
So, we went to talk to the Zek - Karthunk Trainstomper
Quiet? - Rynnia

November 2002
Can it get any easier? - Karthunk Trainstomper
Ssra almost done... - Rynnia
Terris Thule Dead - Server Fir - admin
WOOOOOO - Karthunk Trainstomper

October 2002
So Planes of Power seems reall - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Terris Thule visited! - Bzikn Mckikn
I really wish I could think of - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

September 2002
DING DONG the Lich is dead.. - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Arch Lich Down! - Bzikn Mckikn
Shei Vinitras bites the dust! - Bzikn Mckikn
Mob Positioning 101 (Spoiler I - Sciek Flurryfodder
We're off to see the AOW.... - Rynnia
Burrower Beast - Rynnia

August 2002
Lord Vyemm = orc pawn? Run Kak - Karthunk Trainstomper
Two NEW Members! - Karthunk Trainstomper
Dain, Dain and Dain... All dea - Endalin
Tunare! - admin
Patch Day... Stuff dead - Endalin

July 2002
Type a subject here - admin
Someone send me some pics =/ - Rynnia
More dead things! - Rynnia

June 2002
More stuff be dyin' yo... - Rynnia
Last week or so.... - Rynnia
Thought Horror Overfiend DEAD! - Bzikn Mckikn
Vyemm is dead! - Karthunk Trainstomper
Well.... - Rynnia
Server Fun! - Rynnia

May 2002
A day in the life of Hopkins.. - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Weird day.... Trak, Velk, Vind - Rynnia
Guess who we killed? - Rynnia
More dead Dain - Rynnia
Dain go sleepy - Rynnia
Dain, Narandi the Wretched - Rynnia
Dain Frostreaver, Sontalak, Kl - Rynnia
TOV X 3 AKA - Rynnia
Grieg dies and Karthunk gets G - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Same ole, same ole - Bzikn Mckikn
Amazing how well stuff works w - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

April 2002
Another interesting weekend! - Mulberry
Aim high or aim still - Karthunk Trainstomper
Congrats to the latest full me - Soprena
NToV - Karthunk Trainstomper
Stuff dead..nothing new here m - Karthunk Trainstomper

March 2002
Another milestone achieved - Bzikn Mckikn
Another add to Monday's NToV r - Karthunk Trainstomper
Hello Boss? I won't be coming - Ombra Darkstrider
Warrior epics aren't going to cut it - Karthunk Trainstomper
Roy is dead..ding dong the bis - Karthunk Trainstomper
We are finally ST ready. - Ombra Darkstrider
Saturday's can be fun to. - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Another killer raid night - Ombra Darkstrider
All together now.... WE LOVE P - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
You should have phoned home a - Karthunk Trainstomper
Nagafen? - Bzikn Mckikn
Yelinak dead! - Bzikn Mckikn

February 2002
Our super secret project Karth - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
What has been shaken? - Karthunk Trainstomper
Sontelak choked to death and - Karthunk Trainstomper
30 bored SI = dead small creat - Karthunk Trainstomper
Dozer too?! - Bzikn Mckikn
Finally! - Bzikn Mckikn
Day of fun - Bzikn Mckikn
Rhags 0, SI 2 :: Glyphed 1, - Bzikn Mckikn
Congrats to Darial and Gintora - Sulley
Craziness in Western Wastes. - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Rhags dead! - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Prissella's New Toy - Bzikn Mckikn
Off Topic - All Star Baseball - Bzikn Mckikn
Big changes to the web site! - Bzikn Mckikn

December 2001
Dozekar falls - Bzikn Mckikn

November 2001
No EQ from Monday noon PST to - Filan Fyretracker

October 2001
Grats Ten on Epic - Endalin
Dozekar takes a dirt nap! - SareOld

September 2001
Congrats Galelen! - admin
Vindi dead, again.... - Bzikn Mckikn
SI's foray into Veeshan's Peak - Bzikn Mckikn

August 2001
Vindicator Dead - Bzikn Mckikn
Congrats Brianna!!! - admin
Trakanon slain - Bzikn Mckikn
Derakor the Vindicator - DEAD, - Bzikn Mckikn
Derakor the Vindicator - DEAD - Bzikn Mckikn

July 2001
Type a subject here - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Trak a Sucess!!! - admin
EQ Pic site beta 1.0 online - Filan Fyretracker
Trakanon Dead news at 11 - admin
Meanwhile, back in the lab... - Bzikn Mckikn
Velktor the Sorcerer Slain - admin
Dozekar the Cursed Slain ! - admin

June 2001
Bard Epic Completed!! - admin
We now have a real chat channe - Filan Fyretracker
Derakor the Vindicator Slain - admin
Derakor the Vindicator Slain ! - admin
Inny Toasted - admin
Oh yeah... - Bzikn Mckikn
North Ro safe from Pirates - Bzikn Mckikn
Dead Tard's about... - Bzikn Mckikn
Gorenaire slain! - Bzikn Mckikn
SI News and Roster site online - Bzikn Mckikn


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