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We're off to see the AOW....

Well, today we decided to take a shot at the AOW, our first ever. We engaged him, and the fight was going extremely well, until mid fight, Dorothy and Toto dropped a house on the top of his head. Luckily this screenshot was taken quickly, as within the next minute the feet curled under the house leaving the phat lewtz behind.

In other news, SI bids a sad farewell to one of it's founding members today. Hopkins, amidst the chaos, somehow was coerced by 'The Lollipop Guild' into joining them. Hopkins' reason? 'I want to see the end game -now- and not in 2 months' (We all know he's just in it for the free gigantic lollipops, though. Everyone knows they have them banked')

Hopkins was kind enough to send us this picture of his first raid below. Definately an advanced guild, to be sure. Notice the max melee and perfect tank positioning. (word is she dropped three of the suckers too)

- Rynnia - Saturday, September 7, 2002 at 7:37 PM

April 2015
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August 2009
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July 2009
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May 2009
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March 2009
Vyskudra and Brood Mother Down 3-29! - Danille

February 2009
"Zeixshi" ~~~~~~~Tastes like chicken! - Danille
Kildrukaun the Ancient Prophet ~ BLINDSIDED! - Danille

January 2009
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December 2008
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November 2008
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October 2008
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Entry to MMM Progression Raids Officially on "Farm Status" - Danille
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May 2008
Octa is history and Dr. Loveless is still missing! - Danille
Steamfactory raid mobs are history - Danille
Mining Behemoth dies May 6th o - admin
Event #5 Portal to Dreadspire - Danille
SoF - Look out! - Danille
SI marches into Secrets of Fa - Aaeanas
Solteris event #3 goes "Bye By - Danille

April 2008
We're back! - Danille

March 2008
Fabled Season! - Danille

January 2008
Wish you were here! - Furgh
2008 is off to a great start - Danille

December 2007
Merry Christmas From Sol Invic - Aaeanas

November 2007
A few raids later and.... Stit - Bahemoth

October 2007
A Busy Few Weeks! Sothgar Goes - Charsi

July 2007
Dead Gnome and Goru = Welcome - Charsi

April 2007
One Door Closes, Another Door - admin

January 2007
ChooChoo... - Oriaas

December 2006
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June 2006
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April 2006
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Daosheen dead... - Oriaas

March 2006
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Rolling Right Along........... - Oriaas

January 2006
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December 2005
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November 2005
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Kitty Firsts! - Gatts
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March 2005
What's this? Victory in our Ea - admin
Where few guilds have gone bef - admin
Congratulations Tribunal! Sol - admin

February 2005
13+4=what? - Fatalclaw
Cleric Epic 2.0 - Fatalclaw
Shooting at the walls of heart - Kalaz
Revamp the pics! - Fatalclaw

January 2005
The Anguish of server dominati - admin
Warden Hanvar down! - Rynnia

December 2004
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November 2004
Too Legit... Too Legit to Quit - admin
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September 2004
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August 2004
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It's no high dive but it'll ha - admin
Do not attempt to resist. We a - admin

July 2004
Kelekdrix Dead... and all we g - admin
Buh-bye Cynosure, Hello Serve - admin

June 2004
Vrex Barxt Qurat has been defe - admin

May 2004
We're off to see the wizard! - Bzikn Mckikn
Server first! - Laspeera
Recruitment closed for some cl - Rynnia
Recruitment is open for all cl - Rynnia

April 2004
SI @ Vegas baby YEA! - Gintora Jellicle
Maybe I made Hopkins Run... - Laspeera
What happens when a Halfling g - Laspeera

March 2004
Some Old, Some New... - Laspeera

January 2004
Time gods try their best... - Prachlyn
What can one guild do in 5 hou - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
What's up with Sol Invictus? - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

November 2003
Quarm Down! Great Work Everyo - Rynnia
No anmals were hurt in the mak - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Phase 5 gods are much like.... - Vynadie
/bye Vallon, /wave 5, /bye Ca - Prachlyn

October 2003
Awwww, how cute. Tallon Zek i - Tarklot

September 2003
Time for another game! - Bzikn Mckikn
Move along, nothing to see her - Bzikn Mckikn
A great time was had by all. - Lierelle
You have one additional hour.. - Rynnia

August 2003
Rathe dead! - Zierain
Back up in yo ass with the res - Rynnia
So what else is new? - Bzikn Mckikn

July 2003
Wow... - Rynnia
Coirnav swimming with the fish - Bzikn Mckikn
I Hate Seafood - Zierain

June 2003
Engrish 101 - Bzikn Mckikn
I don't believe in Fairies.... - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

May 2003
Fennin Ded. Server Still Up!! - Zierain
Not to bump old Fennin down a - Rynnia
I saw Fennin Ro die and all I - Bzikn Mckikn

April 2003
We'll take what's behind door - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Here and there - Bzikn Mckikn
Sometimes it just seems too ea - Bzikn Mckikn
What have we been doing? - Karthunk Trainstomper

March 2003
The one that got away - Karthunk Trainstomper
It's getting hot in herrr! - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Was it a fluke win!? - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

February 2003
The warlord stirs... then prom - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
The orc won... - Rynnia
Soon - Karthunk Trainstomper
The missing pictures... - Karthunk Trainstomper
I'd do an update with pics... - Rynnia

January 2003
When pigs fly - Karthunk Trainstomper
Mithaniel Marr Dead! (on the f - Karthunk Trainstomper
Lord Seru falls over dead from - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Rydda`Dar also dead... - Karthunk Trainstomper
Bertoxullious dead to 66 SI! - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Rydda`Dar and Agnarr (first tr - Karthunk Trainstomper
Bertoxxulous down to Companion - Karthunk Trainstomper
Saryrn Dead - Karthunk Trainstomper
We should just call CoD and Ho - Karthunk Trainstomper

December 2002
Still working on this damn Ber - Karthunk Trainstomper
Vallon down =) - Karthunk Trainstomper
Bertoxxulous - Karthunk Trainstomper
So, we went to talk to the Zek - Karthunk Trainstomper
Quiet? - Rynnia

November 2002
Can it get any easier? - Karthunk Trainstomper
Ssra almost done... - Rynnia
Terris Thule Dead - Server Fir - admin
WOOOOOO - Karthunk Trainstomper

October 2002
So Planes of Power seems reall - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Terris Thule visited! - Bzikn Mckikn
I really wish I could think of - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

September 2002
DING DONG the Lich is dead.. - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Arch Lich Down! - Bzikn Mckikn
Shei Vinitras bites the dust! - Bzikn Mckikn
Mob Positioning 101 (Spoiler I - Sciek Flurryfodder
We're off to see the AOW.... - Rynnia
Burrower Beast - Rynnia

August 2002
Lord Vyemm = orc pawn? Run Kak - Karthunk Trainstomper
Two NEW Members! - Karthunk Trainstomper
Dain, Dain and Dain... All dea - Endalin
Tunare! - admin
Patch Day... Stuff dead - Endalin

July 2002
Type a subject here - admin
Someone send me some pics =/ - Rynnia
More dead things! - Rynnia

June 2002
More stuff be dyin' yo... - Rynnia
Last week or so.... - Rynnia
Thought Horror Overfiend DEAD! - Bzikn Mckikn
Vyemm is dead! - Karthunk Trainstomper
Well.... - Rynnia
Server Fun! - Rynnia

May 2002
A day in the life of Hopkins.. - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Weird day.... Trak, Velk, Vind - Rynnia
Guess who we killed? - Rynnia
More dead Dain - Rynnia
Dain go sleepy - Rynnia
Dain, Narandi the Wretched - Rynnia
Dain Frostreaver, Sontalak, Kl - Rynnia
TOV X 3 AKA - Rynnia
Grieg dies and Karthunk gets G - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Same ole, same ole - Bzikn Mckikn
Amazing how well stuff works w - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf

April 2002
Another interesting weekend! - Mulberry
Aim high or aim still - Karthunk Trainstomper
Congrats to the latest full me - Soprena
NToV - Karthunk Trainstomper
Stuff dead..nothing new here m - Karthunk Trainstomper

March 2002
Another milestone achieved - Bzikn Mckikn
Another add to Monday's NToV r - Karthunk Trainstomper
Hello Boss? I won't be coming - Ombra Darkstrider
Warrior epics aren't going to cut it - Karthunk Trainstomper
Roy is dead..ding dong the bis - Karthunk Trainstomper
We are finally ST ready. - Ombra Darkstrider
Saturday's can be fun to. - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Another killer raid night - Ombra Darkstrider
All together now.... WE LOVE P - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
You should have phoned home a - Karthunk Trainstomper
Nagafen? - Bzikn Mckikn
Yelinak dead! - Bzikn Mckikn

February 2002
Our super secret project Karth - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
What has been shaken? - Karthunk Trainstomper
Sontelak choked to death and - Karthunk Trainstomper
30 bored SI = dead small creat - Karthunk Trainstomper
Dozer too?! - Bzikn Mckikn
Finally! - Bzikn Mckikn
Day of fun - Bzikn Mckikn
Rhags 0, SI 2 :: Glyphed 1, - Bzikn Mckikn
Congrats to Darial and Gintora - Sulley
Craziness in Western Wastes. - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Rhags dead! - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Prissella's New Toy - Bzikn Mckikn
Off Topic - All Star Baseball - Bzikn Mckikn
Big changes to the web site! - Bzikn Mckikn

December 2001
Dozekar falls - Bzikn Mckikn

November 2001
No EQ from Monday noon PST to - Filan Fyretracker

October 2001
Grats Ten on Epic - Endalin
Dozekar takes a dirt nap! - SareOld

September 2001
Congrats Galelen! - admin
Vindi dead, again.... - Bzikn Mckikn
SI's foray into Veeshan's Peak - Bzikn Mckikn

August 2001
Vindicator Dead - Bzikn Mckikn
Congrats Brianna!!! - admin
Trakanon slain - Bzikn Mckikn
Derakor the Vindicator - DEAD, - Bzikn Mckikn
Derakor the Vindicator - DEAD - Bzikn Mckikn

July 2001
Type a subject here - Fazzarya Ayrazzaf
Trak a Sucess!!! - admin
EQ Pic site beta 1.0 online - Filan Fyretracker
Trakanon Dead news at 11 - admin
Meanwhile, back in the lab... - Bzikn Mckikn
Velktor the Sorcerer Slain - admin
Dozekar the Cursed Slain ! - admin

June 2001
Bard Epic Completed!! - admin
We now have a real chat channe - Filan Fyretracker
Derakor the Vindicator Slain - admin
Derakor the Vindicator Slain ! - admin
Inny Toasted - admin
Oh yeah... - Bzikn Mckikn
North Ro safe from Pirates - Bzikn Mckikn
Dead Tard's about... - Bzikn Mckikn
Gorenaire slain! - Bzikn Mckikn
SI News and Roster site online - Bzikn Mckikn


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