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If you're already a tagged trial member, skip this step. If not, head over to the Guild Guidelines and Recruitment forum to see if your class is open and what the requirements are to apply. Then you can post an application there and someone will be in touch with you.

New trial members should post a message in the Administrative forum for trial access to the rest of the private forums. Please make sure your Yuku username is similar enough to your character name that it's easy to recognize. When the admins are cleaning up forum access, if they don't recognize the Yuku username, you'll likely get locked out.

Once you have been granted access, check the top of the Guild Discussion forum for the password to create a new user account. Then, click here to actually go create the account. Again, having a username similar to your primary character's name is helpful.

Your user account can be associated with multiple characters, but only one can be your primary character. If you've already attended a raid while guild tagged, the Attendance Tracker may have already picked you up. In that case, you won't actually be able to create your main character on the site. Make a post in the Administrative forum to transfer the character to your new account.

When you level or want to change information about your user account or your characters, just click on the User Page link. You can then click on your character to change your info or just hit the DING! button to advance your character 1 level.

If you have further questions, post them to the Administrative forum or the Guild Discussion forum.

Finally, welcome to Sol Invictus! We look forward to fighting beside you!

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