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What you need:
Make sure the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher is installed. If you're using Vista, you've already got it. If you're on anything earlier, you might have it already if you needed it for some other program. But if not, you can get it either from Windows Update or directly download the installer for either x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit).

Next, download the client update application! -->

Unzip this executable to your disk someplace (A good place is your EQ Logs folder). After a raid is over, run the updater and it will download the latest version of the parser and any other needed files. It will then start the parser automatically.

How it works:
The attendance parser scans EQ log files to track guild member raid times and loot. In order for this to work, you MUST have logging turned on in game while you raid. If you don't normally have logging turned on, just turn it on when raid starts and off when it ends.

/who or /who GUILD
Make it a habit while you raid to periodically do /who or /who GUILD commands. This is the only way the parser will be able to tell who is present. To make sure you get credit for your full time online, be sure to do a /who or /who GUILD command as soon as you login for a raid and once more right before you logout. You can skip the command if you die and are sitting at your bind point unless you're leaving raid without getting a rez first.

The parser can't pick you up at all if you're /anon and seems to be flakey with catching /role people. Being fully accessible also makes it easier on raid leaders and people looking for buffs.

Official or Unofficial?
After running the parser on your log file, you'll have to choose what type of raid each zone is. Check the Guild Policies forum for specifics on what constitutes an official or unofficial raid. But a basic rule of thumb is that the raid is official if it falls within the normal raid schedule and it's a zone you're either participating in, on your way through, or sitting out of because there's no room in the instance. Occasionally, officers will have the people sitting out of a raid do other activites to help the guild progress like faction work. This is also counted as official, but only while it lasts during the normal raid schedule. Unofficial raids are anything else like off-day raids, farming after the official raid ends, etc.

Raid Merging
Currently the parser detects a new "raid" for each zone it sees people in. After the raids are submitted, the web admin will merge times from each raid into a single raid. This will take around 1 week to give people time to submit their own log files. The reason raids are merged is to make the overall timekeeping more consistent and prevent "double-dip" times from occurring which happen when the raid force passes through the same zone more than once during the raid.

How to use:

Start Login

Enter username and password.

Confirm status.

File - Open Log File.

Choose your EQ log file.

Wait while it parses the file. Or Cancel if you want.

If you don't remember exactly what the raid details were, you can click on the zone name to view the details.

Choose the raid type for each raid you want to submit.

File - Submit Results.


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